Develop your skills and deepen your interests with leading experts and organizations from Israel and the United States at Tel Yehudah this summer

Our new, two-week Intensives are designed around You.  Intensives will allow you to hone your skills and pursue your interests, while enjoying everything Tel Yehudah has to offer.  Join with Jewish teens from across the United States, Israel and around the world to learn, play and build a community together.

Register for one of our Intensives today.  Space is limited in each.
Dates: July 29-August 13, 2019
Cost: $2,650-$3,000
Special $500 Discount for First Session Campers

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Hamamah: Advanced Leadership Institute

Hamamah workshops focus on general leadership skills as well as special interest leadership clinics. These mentor-based intensives prepare teens for real-world scenarios and future camp leadership opportunities. For current 10th-11th graders.


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CampSight Photography

CampSight is an opportunity to study the art of photography in one of the most picturesque landscapes in America. The customized curriculum encompasses intensive technical and artistic lessons while studying the subject matter of one’s personal connection to Judaism and Jewish people. For current 8th-11th graders. 


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TY Xtreme Outdoors

TY Extreme Outdoors is a custom-designed series of nature expeditions promoting  independence, the ability to work in a group, and personal self-confidence. Master the ropes course, a four-day kayaking trip, and a challenging bike ride across the Catskills Mountains of Upstate New York.  For current 8th-11th graders. 


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"Krav Maga" Self Defense Training

The self defense intensive provides teens with expert instruction by an active IDF Krav Maga instructor. Through this technique, teens will learn heightened awareness of their surroundings, train to increase physical fitness levels, and develop tactics for personal defense. For current 8th-11th graders.


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Share Your Story Through  Film

The Filmmaking Program will help teens find their artistic voice. With the guidance of experienced film industry professionals, participants will gain tangible skills of video editing, creating a storyboard, filming techniques as well as develop their ability to express themselves through stories and film. For current 8th-11th graders.


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Serve Your Way Through Summer: Tennis@TY

The TY Tennis Intensive will challenge teens to focus on the fundamentals of tennis. Participants will have full access to our tennis facilities and receive guidance from Israeli tennis instructors in order to develop their fundamental skills and knowledge of tennis. For current 8th-11th graders.



The Un-Packing Guide for Tel Yehudah

At Tel Yehudah we work together with parents to create a safe, healthy and inclusive teen community for all of our campers.  In order to do that, we ask parents to spend some time discussing our Un-Packing list with their teens before they begin their journey to camp.


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BaMitbach: Teen Culinary Experience

Participants will gain serious and practical culinary skills such as proper knife technique, kitchen organization, and recipe development from our innovative partners at The Gefilteria. No experience with either a knife nor frying pan or even kitchen is necessary. For current 8th- 11th graders.


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13 Things I Learned at TY

When our teens come home from a summer at Tel Yehudah, in many ways we can actually see their growth, but there’s a lot they learn that we don’t see, at least not immediately. Here are some universal lessons our teens took out of their Jewish experience this summer—in their words.