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"the Art Of Letting Go" 


This ebook introduces our series The Tel Yehudah Series on Raising Jewish Teens. Our articles stem from the varied and deep experiences we have each summer charting a path through the teen years, navigating Jewish identity, and leveraging lifelong friendships as they approach adulthood.

>  In this installment, "The Art Of Letting Go," we walk through the challenges we face as our kids use debate and disagreement to forge their own growth in a chapter called Joining the Great Debate.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 3.32.21 PM>  Next we face the reality that our job as role model shifts, and new adults - teachers, mentors, counselors - take the mantel. In Finding New Role Models we observe the benefits of a little distance, and the value of new perspectives in helping our kids move on.

>  Finally, we wrap our minds around the merits of the teen community. Even as adults we depend on "our people," those supporters in our lives who've been there through the ups and downs, and who know us best. As you read Turning Connections Into Community, we're sure you'll recall these important communities in your own development, and recognize, their importance to your kids today.

There is so much we can teach our kids and so little time. Once they are out in the world, they must be prepared for anything life might throw at them. Are they ready? Are we ready?

Download "The Art of Letting Go" to read more from the Tel Yehudah Series on Raising Jewish Teens.

"The Art of Letting Go"